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This set, is BOSS! Its big, and I think that its supposed to be for both the Lord of the Rings and for the Hobbit, because it also comes with Sting. Now, pros and cons: Pros: Bilbo Baggins (Shire clothes): Great, and has a double sided face, one with a smile, and the other with a nervous kind of expression. Balin: My favorite minifig of the set, and my favorite dwarf in the Company of Thorin Oakensheild. Dwalin: He is awesome, he comes with a huge hammer, a pale green cape, and a long brown beard. Bofur: One of my favorite dwarfs, he has a weird looking hat, a pickaxe, and a brown cape. Bombur: Good but funny looking dwarf, he has an almost sandwich board piece for his beard and belly, and does not come with a cape. Gandalf: One of the best characters, he has a grey beard, grey hat, grey cape, and grey body (he IS Gandalf the Grey), and a staff. Hobbit Hole: GREAT!!! Its perfect! Of course, they couldn’t fit everything, but it was good anyway! Cons: None. Hope you thought this was helpful! Until next time, Mastrbildrspek…

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