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Mithril Treasure Items are items that can be forged at the Blacksmith’s Shop in Bree. Like regular Treasure Items[1], Mithril Treasure Items can be equipped by any character and offer a particular ability or bonus. Mithril Treasure Items are also used to acquire Red Bricks[2].

To forge a Mithril Treasure Item, that item’s Schematic[3], or “Blacksmith Design”, must first be found. Each Chapter[4] has one schematic hidden in it, and more can be found throughout the Hub World.

To access the Blacksmith’s Shop, the Smithy In Peril[5] quest must be completed. Once inside the Blacksmith Shop, choose an available item to forge. Each item will display the Loot[6] that is required to forge it. If the correct Loot is in hand, forge the item by playing a mini-game that involves pressing the right button when it is within the circles.

Perfect Forging An item is “perfectly forged” when the inner circle has been filled during the forging mini-game. This is done by waiting until the button icon is within the 2nd circle before pressing it. When an item has been perfectly forged it will show as all white, and will say “perfectly forged” in the schematic screen. Perfectly forging all Mithril Treasure Items earns the “Unequaled Skill of the Dwarves” Achievement/Trophy[7].

See the Schematics[8] page for a quick guide to finding the schematic for each Mithril Treasure Item.


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